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About Us

Welcome to the new world of scent.

We created osmanthōs to make it easy and fun for anyone to make their own perfume. We believe in individual expression, getting lost in the creative process and knowing how your products are made.

Individual Expression

Create the perfect scent for you

Many perfume brands apply a "one-size fits all" approach: build a visual fantasy around a fragrance that will appeal to as many people as possible. We're making fragrance personal again. We supply all of the ingredients, tools and guide you through each step as you create the perfect scent for you.

Boundless Curiosity

Get lost in the creative process

There’s an olfactory learning curve, the more you blend and experiment, the more acute your sense of smell will become and you’ll start to notice subtle differences that you didn’t perceive before. Experiment with ideas, learn from your mistakes and make new connections.


Know your ingredients

Our collection contains natural and synthetic raw materials sourced from all over the world. There is detailed information about every ingredient so you can use natural ingredients, synthetic ingredients, or both.

Make your own perfume

All you need is a bit of curiosity and the desire to create something unique.

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