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Help & FAQ

How do I make a perfume?

The first step is to order a scent kit, which contains everything you need to make your own perfume at home. Each kit is based around a featured ingredient and contains premium perfume ingredients to explore. Learn to smell and evaluate raw materials, then experiment with different blends to create unique fragrance formulas. Visit our scent kits page to learn more and see what's inside.

If you create a scent you love and want a larger bottle, you can order custom bottles of the scents you create in our online scent lab.

What is the scent lab?

The scent lab is our online fragrance lab where you can save your fragrance formulas and order custom bottles of the scents you create with your scent kits. Create and save formulas to your account, then order custom bottles (9 ml) of your favorite scents. We strongly recommend ordering a scent kit before ordering a fragrance online so that you can smell the fragrance.

How do I make a perfume online?

See What is the scent lab? (above)

Do you take custom orders?

We're happy to fulfill custom or modified orders when it's possible. If you're interested in a custom order please send us the details and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Suggestions and requests

If there are any raw materials or blends you'd love to see on osmanthōs, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Contact us via email at

Are synthetic ingredients bad for me?

No, in fact, many aroma molecules are found in nature. Hedione, a popular floral aroma molecule, occurs naturally in jasmine and tea. By isolating or synthesizing individual molecules like Hedione, perfumers are able to expand their palettes. Using aroma molecules allows perfumers to pick and choose their favorite facet of Jasmine, for example Hedione, and use that scent individually. Some aroma molecules don't occure in nature, but they add value because they have a unique scent that isn't found in nature or anywhere else.

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