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coconut perfume ingredient


aldehyde C18 sweet, creamy, coconut, fatty
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aroma molecule

Perfumer's Notes

This aroma molecule, aldehyde C18 or gamma-nonalactone, is widely used in perfumery to create a coconut note or add creaminess. It's wonderfully versatile; at lower concentrations it adds warmth and softness to a fragrance without giving off a distinct coconut odor, and at higher concentrations it provides a lovely, creamy coconut note. Use up to 10%.

Blends Well With

tuberose, jasmine grandiflorum, sandalwood, osmanthus, vanilla, peach, tonka bean, musk, bergamot, mandarin

Prominent In

Virgin Island Water (Creed), Carnal Flower (Frederic Malle), Bronze Goddess (Estee Lauder), Premier Figuier (L' Artisan Parfumeur), Philosykos (Diptyque), Datura Noir (Serge Lutens)