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hedione perfume ingredient


ethereal, floral jasmine, very light, diffusive, airy, fresh
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aroma molecule

Perfumer's Notes

Hedione (methyl dihydrojasmonate) is the most famous and widely-used synthetic jasmine substitute. It can be described as a “transparent jasmine” with a luminous, green, floral scent. Unlike natural jasmine, Hedione does not have the heavier, narcotic (strong, heady, intoxicating) notes. Blend Hedione and jasmine together for a light and diffusive jasmine scent.

Hedione lends a lovely light, floral note to masculine fragrances and gives natural smoothness and radiance to any blend. It's particularly common in florals and colognes.

Blends Well With

jasmine grandiflorum, florals, citrus, woods

Prominent In

Eau Sauvage (Christian Dior), Flower (Kenzo), Diorella (Dior), Odeur 53 (Comme de Garçons), CKone (Calvin Klein)