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pear perfume ingredient


hexyl acetate sweet, pear-apple, ethereal, slightly floral, green
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aroma molecule

Perfumer's Notes

Hexyl acetate is a nature-identical* molecule with an odor that's highly reminiscent of pear with floral tones. Hexyl acetate occurs naturally in pears, apples and roses, but like many fruits, the scent of pear cannot be extracted naturally. It adds a green, fruity note. Use up to 1%.

*Called “nature-identical” because the synthetic and natural molecules are exactly the same. Natural molecules are synthesized when it’s not possible to extract the aromatic compounds.

Blends Well With

jasmine grandiflorum, florals, rose, labdanum, musk, vanilla

Prominent In

Petit Cherie (Annick Goutal), J'Adore (Dior), English Pear and Freesia (Jo Malone), Un Jardin Sur Le Toit (Hermes), Ambrette 9 (Le Labo)