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scent kit 01


Make your own fragrance from individual ingredients featuring natural jasmine.

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What's Inside

You add creativity, we supply everything else.

Kit 01 Booklet

Our 30-page guide with exclusive tips to guide you through every step of the perfume-making process. The booklet is written specifically for the ingredients in this kit and also includes note sheets to track your blends and formulas.

12 perfume ingredients

Premium raw materials come in amber glass vials (3.7 ml) with droppers and are diluted in perfumer's alcohol for easy blending.

pink pepperlabdanumstemonegreen mandarinjasmine grandiflorumpearhedioneylang ylangmusk acoconutbenzoinsandalwood

30 test vials

Reusable amber glass vials (2 ml) + labels to hold your experiments and blends.

100 blotters

Paper testing strips to sample raw materials and evaluate blends.

2 spray bottles

Reusable bottles (3 ml) + labels to turn your favorite blends into mini eau de parfums.

Jasmine grandiflorum

How to use

Explore new ingredients and create the perfect scent for you.

smell + learn

Discover Jasmine grandiflorum and the other ingredients in the kit. Learn how to smell, evaluate and classify raw materials like a perfumer.

blend + experiment

Combine individual ingredients to create unique scents. We’ll show you how to blend raw materials to create a well-balanced fragrance. Test ideas, learn from your mistakes and make new connections.

make scents

Turn your favorite scents into mini eau de parfums (3 ml). You can save your favorite formulas in the lab and order custom bottles (9 ml) of your fragrances.


Can I sample the raw materials in the kit?

Can I sample the raw materials in the kit?

Yes! We encourage sampling if you're not familiar with the ingredients in the kit. You can sample the twelve ingredients in Scent Kit 01 and you will also receive a code for $12 off a Scent Kit. The sample set includes 0.5 ml of each ingredient in the kit, plus descriptions and paper testing strips.


How are the raw materials selected?

How are the raw materials selected?

We select ingredients for three reasons: quality, compatibility and flexibility. We choose only ingredients that deliver all three. Kits include a mix of top, heart and base notes, raw materials from different families, and both natural and synthetic materials. Most importantly, all of the ingredients in the kit blend well with the featured ingredient and each other, giving you unlimited fragrance options.


Why are the raw materials diluted?

Why are the raw materials diluted?

Pure raw materials can be prohibitively expensive (sandalwood, jasmine, rose); others are solids or resins that have to be diluted before they can be used in a blend. Diluting raw materials allows us to offer premium ingredients that are affordable and easy to use. Most ingredients are diluted to 20% and more powerful ingredients are diluted to 5% or 10%.


Can I order other raw materials?

Can I order other raw materials?

Looking for perfume ingredients or amounts other than what we currently have available in this kit? We're happy to fulfill custom or modified orders when it's possible. If you're interested in a custom order please send us the details and we'll do our best to make it happen!


What size are the fragrances I'll create?

What size are the fragrances I'll create?

The spray bottles in this kit are sample size (3 ml) and hold up to 40 sprays of fragrance each. You can also save your favorite formulas in the lab and order larger, custom bottles (9 ml) of your fragrances.

osmanthōs pink pepper perfume ingredient

Welcome to the new world of scent

We believe in individual expression, getting lost in the creative process and knowing how your products are made.

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